The History of CIOKS

The CIOKS story begins
in Denmark in November 1991

When Poul Ciok who still runs the company today turned 18 and formally founded
the company. Having been a dedicated guitar player and an electronics enthusiast
for years prior to this, Poul had trouble finding a proper way to power his growing
pedal collection and this set him on the course we know today.

The first CIOKS product was the Baby with 5 standard 9V outlets. Along with the introduction of digital pedals in the market the demand for more power grew so in 1995 two new CIOKS power supplies with bigger current capabilities and 7 outlets each were launched. The Big John had 9V outlets only, where the Double Jack also had 12V option. These three products almost became the standard power supplies for effect pedals in Denmark.

After completing his Master studies in Electrical Engineering Poul Ciok worked a few years in companies such as Siemens and Bang & Olufsen and ran CIOKS on the side but in 2003 he decided to focus exclusively on CIOKS. Work started on new products and CIOKS began to export mainly to countries in Western Europe. In 2007 three new products were introduced: The Schizophrenic with 6 isolated outlets, the Power Bitch with higher voltages and the AC Rider with two AC outlets became new members of CIOKS power supply family, which formed the standard range. In 2009 the Baby was updated into a Mark 2 version by adding an isolated outlet to it.

In the meantime as CIOKS sales grew Poul decided to establish a sister company in Poland which would take care of all manufacturing of CIOKS power supplies. Now in 2018 CIOKS have 11 full time employees in both Denmark and Poland and all CIOKS products are built in CIOKS own manufacturing sister company CIOKS Enterprises in Poland.

In year 2010 CIOKS was very proud to present the professional range. In the beginning it was three brand new products DC10, AC10 and TC10 with a bunch of innovative features and nice design details. These were the first products with toroidal transformers in a metal enclosure with a 120V or 230V mains voltage selector aiming for the top profes

Sional customer. A year later in these were followed by the DC8 and the Pussy Power which shared the same high build quality and design and in 2013 CIOKS marked its 20th anniversary with the launch of the big CIOKOLATE. Based on the DC10 CIOKS also made a co-branded power supply for Eventide named PowerFactor and the collaboration between these two companies are still going strong to this day.

For smaller pedal boards or for the less demanding musicians CIOKS released four new products throughout 2013 and 2014 which formed the LINK range. The innovative LINK feature offers the unique possibility of linking two or three power supplies together and powering them all via with a single mains power cord. ADAM, the smallest CIOKS power supply (named after Poul’s son) became a very popular product for younger musicians wanting a high-quality but inexpensive power supply or just those with a few pedals on their boards. The LINK feature was so well-received by the market that it was obvious to use it in future products with toroidal transformers aiming for the more professional user. The Eventide PowerFactor 2 and CIOKS DC5 were released with the DC5 being a perfect match for those flat Pedaltrain pedalboards and both products turned out to be a tremendous sales success.

It is now 2019 and Poul Ciok and the company are certainly not resting on their laurels – the company has expanded its operations worldwide and this year CIOKS will be releasing the first Future Power Generation products beingCIOKS DC7, CIOKS 8, CIOKS 4 and the Eventide PowerMAX. All these products are based on CIOKS new switch-mode technology which means these products all have the lowest weights and profiles in the market, the most power available and the most options for the utmost in flexibility.”

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