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The CIOKS story started in Copenhagen, Denmark in November 1991 when Poul Ciok who still runs the company today turned 18 and formally founded the company. Having been a dedicated guitar player and an electronics enthusiast for years prior to this, Poul had trouble finding a proper way to power his growing pedal collection and this set him on the course we know today.
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The CIOKS story

About us

Power Supplies

CIOKS is a Danish company founded by Poul Ciok in 1991, initially offering the CIOKS Baby power supply with 5 outlets of 9V each. As digital effects pedals gained popularity, the Big John and Double Jack power supplies were introduced in 1995 - the Big John featured seven 9V outlets and the Double Jack featured five 9V outlets plus two 12V outlets.

The company continued to grow, and in 2004 a sister company was established in Poland to handle manufacturing and development. The Professional Range was introduced in 2010, featuring toroidal transformers and all-metal enclosures, while the LINK Range allowed users to power multiple power supplies from a single mains cord. In 2017, the Future Power Generation range was developed with switch-mode power supplies, designed by Mads Peter Frium, and in 2018, the first three products were shown at the NAMM show. CIOKS has continued to expand its product range with the release of the C4e, C8e, Superpower Bundle, SOL power supply, and CRUX in recent years.


CIOKS Baby – The First Release

The CIOKS Baby was the first product to be released and it featured five outlets with 9V each.


Big John and Double Jack

As more and more digital effects pedals became popular in the market the demand for more power grew and the Big John and Double Jack power supplies were introduced. The Big John featured seven 9V outlets whereas the Double Jack had five 9V outlets and two 12V outlets. Together with CIOKS Baby these three power supplies more or less became the standard power supplies for musicians in Denmark.


CIOKS Goes International

After completing his Master studies in Electronics Engineering and having worked for Siemens and Bang & Olufsen Poul decided to focus exclusively on CIOKS. Work started on new products and the company began to export other countries, mainly in Western Europe.


A Sister Company is Born

As sales kept growing Poul decided to establish a sister company in Poland called CIOKS Enterprises which would handle the manufacturing side of things along with newly hired engineer Tomasz Karwat who to this day is still heavily involved in product development at CIOKS. As of today, all CIOKS power supplies are still made in-house by CIOKS Enterprises along with R&D, assembly, testing, quality assurance, packaging etc.


Introducing Schizophrenic and AC Rider

The CIOKS Schizophrenic was introduced along with the AC Rider which featured two AC outlets.


Professional Range – Designed for the Road

The CIOKS Professional Range was introduced. At first this range consisted of the DC10 and AC10 and more models were introduced later. The Professional Range products were the first CIOKS product to feature all-metal enclosures, toroidal transformers for less noise and better performance as well as a 120V/230V mains selector switch. These products were aimed at the professional musician who needed a lot of power and flexibility in a road-worthy enclosure.


Celebrating 20 Years

CIOKS introduced the Ciokolate which marked the 20th anniversary of the company. CIOKS also began a long-lasting collaboration with Eventide with the release of the PowerFactor.


LINK Range – Powering More Than One Power Supply

The LINK Range was introduced with the ADAM Link (named after Poul’s son), DC5 Link, DC10 Link and the Schizophrenic Link. This range featured the same rugged construction and toroidal transformers as the Professional Range but also offered the user the unique ability to power more than one power supply from a single mains cord thanks to the innovative Link feature. The DC5 Link in particular become highly popular with musicians everywhere but in particular with younger musicians who wanted a high-quality power supply but also with musicians who ran smaller boards. The DC5 Link was also the first CIOKS power supply which could fit underneath the low-profile Pedaltrain boards.


Future Power Generation – Looking Ahead

The initial planning for what would become the Future Power Generation range of power supplies started and Poul and Tomek realized that while the toroidal transformers which had been used in most CIOKS power supplies up to this point were still great, a new technological platform was needed to take the products to the next level, particularly as guitar pedals in general became a lot more demanding in terms of power. Therefore, the Danish switch-mode power supply wizard Mads Peter Frium joined the CIOKS team as the main designer of this product range.


New Product Launch and Expansion of the Team

The first three Future Power Generation products (DC7, CIOKS 4 Expander and CIOKS 8 Expander) and the Eventide PowerMAX were shown to the public for the first time at the NAMM show in January and the response was amazing. As the company had been growing rapidly over the previous years Poul decided to hire a dedicated Sales & Marketing Manager to grow the business worldwide and so Christian V Andersen joined the team in January 2018. The first batch of DC7s were shipped in autumn of 2018 and demand exceeded what the CIOKS team had expected, particularly as CIOKS now had a solid distribution network in most major markets including the USA.


The CIOKS 4 Expander Kit (C4e) was released.


The CIOKS 8 Expander Kit (C8e) was released.


The CIOKS Superpower Bundle was released.


CIOKS SOL and CRUX – New Products, Old Products Discontinued

CIOKS releases the SOL power supply and the CRUX. During 2022 a number of the older products were discontinued in order to make the product range more manageable and up to date.


Stay tuned!

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