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The musical mastermind that is Norwegian artist Ihsahn uses the DC7 and Crux to power his boards when on tour with Emperor and his solo project Ihsahn. The main part of his setup is the Neural DSP Quad Cortex and using the combination of the DC7 and the Crux allows Ihsahn to power this device in an efficient and super reliable way while still having multiple free outlets on DC7 to run other pedals if he wishes to.
5-year warranty Handmade and designed in Europe


Future Power Generation

The groundbreaking DC7 has a one-inch (25,4mm) profile and weighs 1.1 pound (500 grams) thanks to the pure 2-stage switch-mode technology inside. The profile may be low but the power ratings are certainly not – the DC7 puts out a maximum of 48W and allows the user to connect multiple high-current effects such as devices from Effectrode, Line 6 and Eventide without noise of any kind.

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Future Power Generation

CIOKS CRUX is the ultimate add-on to CIOKS DC7 if you are using a Neural DSP Quad Cortex, a Line 6 HX-series pedal or another power-hungry 9V or 12V multi-effects pedal. Simply connect the CRUX to the 24V outlet on DC7, set the correct voltage on CRUX, connect the appropriate CIOKS Flex cable from CRUX to your multi-effect pedal and you are good to go.

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