Upping the Ante and Streamlining the Selection


As a way of celebrating the release of DC7 we have decided to create a new website and if you have been perusing our product selection on our old site you may wonder why some products seem to be missing on the new page, such as the Overkill. What follows the explanation for this phenomenon: We have decided to discontinue the PP10 and cancel the development of the DC8 Link. Why cancel this you ask? Well, that is bit of a long story but here it is:
The DC8 Link was meant to be a smaller version of the DC10 Link which is the most advanced power supply we have made with a toroidal transformer in terms of features. Unfortunately the development of DC10 Link took much, much longer than we expected and when it was finally ready we sat down and had a long, hard brainstorm on what to do next. Of course the idea of making a smaller but equally advanced version of DC10 Link made a lot of sense but at the same time we were also looking into the possibilities of making a true switch-mode power supply. Choosing this option would of course involve investing a lot of time and effort into making a product based on this technology which would live up to the CIOKS standard of features, quality and reliability in a super low-profile box.
Ultimately we decided that the idea of making a switch-mode power supply was not only technologically feasible but also a much better investment in terms of creating something we could build upon in the future. In order to help us with this we hired a Danish genius/electronics wizard called Mads who is a definite expert on all things related to switch-mode power supplies. The result of this is DC7!
Now that DC7 is ready we have re-evaluated the situation and our conclusion is that DC8 Link would be a completely superfluous product. Regarding the Overkill, well, we will make it in some form at some point but it will likely be a limited-edition product. This is because we are not 100% sure that all effects pedal aficionados will have a need for a power supply with 25(!) outlets and if they do they can get quite far with our Link-technology or by using a CIOKS 8 with DC7. Regardless, we will keep you posted on this massive product!