Things Heat Up In Poland and Denmark


The activity levels at CIOKS have been feverishly high this year and not just because the weather gods have decided to try to melt everyone and fry everything this summer.
No, the reason for this extreme pro-activeness is found on a much smaller and much flatter scale but one that is just as interesting as freak weather (and here is a fact which strangely seems to elude some people – power supplies for pedal boards are very interesting!).

Our engineers have been working like mad getting the new range of products we call the Future Power Generation ready for musicians everywhere after the overwhelmingly positive response we got at the NAMM show in January. Now, everybody who has ever been involved in product development will know that even though the plans look realistic and groovy on paper, something is bound to happen during the development process which suddenly makes everything hugely difficult. Especially if you are trying to create something which not only happens to be groundbreaking and awesome in every possible way (humbly speaking of course), but which also happens to be crazy complicated to make to begin with. Well, it would seem perseverance has paid off yet again because by the time you are reading this the CIOKS DC7 should be available for purchase everywhere with the CIOKS 4 and CIOKS 8 soon to come!