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ADAM – discontinued

Adam link is very flat and fits below Pedaltrain nano+ and all metro pedalboards, has 4 isolated outlets and can power any two Strymon pedals of its two 250mA outelets – small and afordable.

Adam link is a small and very flat power supply for effect pedals with 4 isolated outlets. Being only 31mm high it fits under the flat Pedaltrain nano, mini, new nano+ and all metro boards. It offers voltages 9 or 12V and a total output current of 700mA. The top two fixed 9V outlets will power any two Strymon or other two medium current pedals. The bottom two outlets, configurable to either 9 or 12V, will power two or even more standard low current pedals when used with Split Flex or 3-way daisy chain Flex. If needed, all 4 isolated outlets will give you 9V DC in the default position of the settings switch.

    • 4 isolated outlets with 9 or 12V
    • Total output current of 700mA
    • Two medium current 9V outlets with 250mA each
    • Can power any two Strymon pedals
    • Short circuit protection of all outlets
    • LED monitoring of each outlet
    • 120 or 230V mains voltage operation
    • Detachable mains power cord
    • CIOKS unique mains link feature
    • ADAM easily adds 4 extra isolated outlets to another link power supply
    • Total of 6 Flex cables included
    • Split Flex for powering two pedals of one outlet included
    • Super flat design, fits under Pedaltrain nano, mini, the new nano+ and all metro boards
    • Compatible with Temple Audio pedalboards
    • All pedalboard mounting hardware included

    Outlet 1-2: 9 or 12V DC / 100mA each
    Outlet 3-4: 9V DC / 250mA each

    Size: 115x88x31mm (excl. detachable rubber feet)
    Weight: 0,8kg

    Warranty period: 5 years worldwide

    Order number:
    AM    CIOKS ADAM link – Power supply for effect pedals with 4 isolated outlets

    • CIOKS Adam power supply
    • Mains power cord
    • 6 Flex cables:
      • Type 1 – black with 5,5/2,1mm centre negative DC plug x4
      • Type 5 – black with 3,5mm tip positive Jack plug x1
      • Split Flex type 1 – black, powers two pedals of a single outlet x1
    • Pedalboard mounting hardware: 2 screws and a hex key
    • Manual
    • Product sheet (drill template)
    • Flex guide

    Mounting CIOKS DC10 or another CIOKS PRO power supply under Pedaltrain classic or novo

    This video shows how to mount any of our power supplies from the professional range under a Pedaltrain classic or novo pedalboard. The specific information about mounting the DC8 starts around 12:52 but you should see the whole video since the process is similar to the DC10.

    Mounting CIOKS DC10 or another CIOKS PRO power supply under a Templeboard

    This one shows how to mount CIOKS DC10 under a Templeboard. The procedure is exactly the same with our DC8 power supply.


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