CIOKS was founded in year 1991 and since then delivered dedicated power supplies for effect pedals for
guitar players around the world. Today CIOKS is one of the top brands in the field of powering effects and we
still put all our efforts to develop and manufacture reliable solutions for powering pedals. To mark our 25th
anniversary we have made this probably biggest power supply for effect pedals ever seen on this planet which
we have named CIOKS OVERKILL.

CIOKS OVERKILL is not for small pedalboards… This enormous power house will power huge rigs with its 25
isolated outlets. Each of the six 400mA outlets will power any Eventide, Strymon or Empress pedal. All 24 DC
outlets can be set to deliver the standard 9V DC but also voltages 6, 12 and 18V are obtainable from a single
outlet. Two outlets are with SAG feature for e.g. fuzz pedals. By combining two outlets using the included
Series adapter Flex you can also power Radial Tonebone pedals with 15V, vintage EHX pedals with 24V or
other needing these voltage values. The included Parallel adapter Flex can make an 800mA source out of
two 400mA outlets if you need that for say a Kingsley pedal or other that needs more than 400mA. A seventh
400mA source can be made from the two 200mA outlets. For AC pedals use the last outlet with 9 or 12V AC.
Using the included Split Flex or 3-way daisy chain Flex you can power 2 or 3 pedals of a single outlet.

If you are a pedal addict and use loads of stomp boxes or simply would like for sure to have a bigger power
supply than your band mate get CIOKS OVERKILL.

Planned sales release – 2018

  • 24 isolated and well filtered DC outlets plus one AC outlet
  • total output current of max. 4.400mA DC + 1.000mA AC
  • 3 toroidal transformers with additional electromagnetic shielding
  • six high current 400mA outlets
  • two medium current 200mA outlets
  • two 100mA outlets with 9 or 12V
  • four 100mA outlets with 9 or 18V
  • eight 9V outlets for standard low current pedals
  • two outlets with SAG, adjustable in range 5-9V
  • one powerful AC outlet with 9 or 12V AC
  • short circuit protection of all outlets
  • advanced LED monitoring of each outlet
  • 120 or 230V mains voltage operation
  • courtesy AC mains outlet
  • CIOKS unique mains link feature
  • total of 32 Flex cables included
  • Split Flex, 3-way daisy chain, Series and Parallel adapters included
  • compatible with Pedaltrain and Temple Audio pedalboards
  • two mounting brackets and all pedalboard mounting hardware included

Outlet 1-3: 9V DC / 100mA each
Outlet 4-5: 9 or 12V DC / 100mA each
Outlet 6-7: 9 or 18V DC / 100mA each
Outlet 8-9: 9 or 12V DC / 400mA each
Outlet 10-12: 9V DC / 100mA each
Outlet 13-14: 9 or 18V DC / 100mA each
Outlet 15-16: 9 or 12V DC / 200mA each
Outlet 17-18: 9 or 12V DC / 400mA each
Outlet 19-20: 5-9V DC / 100mA each
Outlet 21-22: 9V DC / 100mA each
Outlet 23-24: 6 or 9V DC / 400mA each
Outlet 25: 9 or 12V AC / 1.000mA

Size: 390x98x37mm (excl. detachable rubber feet)
Weight: 2,4kg

Warranty period: 5 years worldwide

Order number:
O25    CIOKS OVERKILL – Professional power supply for effect pedals with 25 isolated outlets