Other mounting brackets

In case you are missing your bracket these are sold as kits separately. All CIOKS power supplies are now sold with all the needed hardware to mount them underneath a Pedaltrain board.

Some of CIOKS power supplies come with a mounting bracket included. If you loose it you can order a replacement. The bracket is mainly intended for mounting the power supply under Pedaltrain boards but can also be used to ease mounting of the power supply to another type of pedalboard or in a rack. Brackets ordered separately will be sold as a set including all the screws, washers, stand-offs and a hex-key needed to mount the power supply using the bracket. You might also want to order a mounting bracket kit if you have an older version 1.0 of one of our power supplies but wish to mount it underneath one of the new Pedaltrain models. Read more under In detail tab.

Power supply models which are sold including a mountng bracket are: DC8, DC10, AC10, Pussy Power and the CIOKOLATE which has two brackets included.

    We currently offer 4 bracket sets to be ordered separately. Order numbers on brackets have changed in July 2017. All brackets ordered now come as sets including all needed mounting hardware and not as bare brackets.

    MB18S where the S stands for SHORT is the new bracket which can be used with power supply models DC10, AC10 and Pussy Power but also the smaller DC8. These are easy know since they have 4 large holes in them. This bracket set with the included hardware can be used for power supply versions 1.1 and 1.2 and will work for underneath mounting on both the new Pedaltrain models classic and novo but also the older ones with two large holes in the back.

    MB18L where the L stands for LONG is the mounting bracket set to be used with older version 1.0 power supplies. This bracket is longer easily recognizable with three large holes and has an extra hole to mount the stand-off supporting the power supply in the back. The stand-off can be screwed directly to the power supply models 1.1 and 1.2 which has an extra hole especially made for this supporting stand-off while version 1.0 didn’t have this extra threaded hole.

    MB16S is the new set of brackets and mounting hardware for the CIOKOLATE. This set is included with each CIOKOLATE. You can use this mounting bracket set for CIOKOLATE version 1.1 to mount it underneath all the new Pedaltrain board models classic, novo or bigger but also with older PT-3 or PT-PRO. We have added two more holes in each of the two brackets so they now also easily can be used with the smaller classic 1 and 2 boards.

    MB16L is the mounting bracket kit which should be used if you have an older version 1.0 CIOKOLATE. It contains two longer brackets with an extra hole to fix the stand-off supporting the power supply in the back.

    If you wish to mount a DC8, DC10, AC10, Pussy Power or the CIOKOLATE underneath an old Pedaltrain (one with two large holes in the back) you’ll need the included mounting bracket and hardware but also some taller feet we now sell in sets with just the feet and rivets as all the remaining mounting hardware is now included with each power supply.

    The PTkit set was sold for older version 1.0 power supplies where mounting of the power supply was different with top surface of the power supply was facing the pedalboard and not the floor.

    Order numbers:
    MB18S    Mounting bracket with hardware kit for DC8, DC10, AC10 and Pussy Power ver. 1.1 or 1.2
    MB16S    Mounting brackets (set of 2) with hardware kit for CIOKOLATE ver. 1.1

    MB18L    Mounting bracket with hardware kit for DC8, DC10, AC10 and Pussy Power ver. 1.0
    MB16L    Mounting brackets (set of 2) with hardware kit for older CIOKOLATE ver. 1.0

    Mounting CIOKS DC10 or another CIOKS PRO power supply under Pedaltrain classic or novo

    This is a step-by-step guide on how to mount CIOKS DC10 power supply or any other from CIOKS professional range under a Pedaltrain classic or novo pedalboard.

    CIOKS – DC10 Mounting Guide under Pedaltrain boards

    This one also treats mounting of the DC10 and shows how to attach the DC10 under either the new Pedaltrain classic or novo or the older types of Pedaltrain boards with two holes in the back using the additional needed accessory PTkit – Pedaltrain mounting kit or just a set with taller feet.


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