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Schizophrenic Link

Nice power supply for medium pedal boards with 6 isolated outlets and a total of 1.000mA DC. Two outlets are configurable to 18V.

Big John Link

Nice power supply with 6 outlets of which two are powerful with 400mA each. Good choice for smaller rigs with two high current pedals like Eventides or big Strymons.

AC Rider Link

Powerful AC section with 9 or 12V AC, nice add-on with AC to another link power supply or a stand-alone for a small rig with one AC pedal e.g. Whammy.


Adam link is very flat and fits below Pedaltrain nano+ and all metro pedalboards, has 4 isolated outlets and can power any two Strymon pedals of its two 250mA outelets - small and afordable.