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Standard Flex cables

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Type 7 – 2 pin DIN plug

This blue Flex cable can only be used to power one of the eight vacuum tube pedals from Electro-Harmonix which should be powered with 12V AC.

Type 6 – 9V battery snap

The 9V battery snap on type 6 Flex cable should be used with 9V battery powered pedals which don’t have an adapter input socket e.g. vintage Wah pedals or some MXR or Roger Meyer fuzz ...

Type 5 – tip positive 3,5mm jack plug

This black type 5 Flex cable with a 3,5mm mini jack plug should be used to power some older Electro-Harmonix, DOD, some Wah or RAT pedals, the KLON Centaur and many others.

Type 4 – centre positive 5,5/2,5mm DC plug

This Flex cable type should be used to power all Eventide Factor and H9 pedals, older 4-button modelers from Line 6 like the DL4,, some older 18, 24 or 40V Electro-Harmonix pedals and most of ...

Type 3 – centre negative 5,5/2,5mm DC plug

This is one of the Flex cables you need in order to power a Line6 Stomp from the CIOKS DC7.

Type 2 – centre positive 5,5/2,1mm DC plug

This standard is less popular but also widely used in all Moogerfooger or Radial Tonebone pedals, a few Empress, Diamond and Kingsley pedals, the '69 Pedal, Soulbender or Octafuzz from Fulltone or older positive ground ...

Type 1 – centre negative 5,5/2,1mm DC plug

Also calleded the BOSS standard. This Flex type should be used to power the vast majority of the pedals on the market like BOSS, TC Electronic, Strymon, Dunlop, MXR, Catalinbread, ZVex and many many more.