In the beginning of 90s I was attending high school and apart from my interest in electronics my greatest hobby was playing guitar. By that time, I also knew, I was going to study electronic engineering like my father. I needed a proper solution to power my pedals and realizing it was a problem was the first step towards CIOKS. I got an idea for a small power supply which would be able to supply several 9V pedals and started making prototypes.

In November 1991, on the day of my 18th birthday, I formally founded the company CIOKS. The first product out was the Baby with 5 standard 9V outlets. Along with introduction of digital pedals on the market the demand for more power came up. In 1995 two new power supplies with bigger current capability and 7 outlets each were launched. The Big John had 9V outlets only, where the Double Jack also had 12V option. These three products almost became a standard as power sources for effect pedals in Denmark.

After completing my master studies in electrical engineering I worked a few years in companies Siemens and Bang & Olufsen and ran CIOKS aside. In 2003 I decided to work for my company full time. I started to work on new products and began to export mainly to countries in Western Europe. In 2007 three new products were introduced. The Schizophrenic with 6 isolated outlets, the Power Bitch with higher voltages and the AC Rider with alternate current option became new members of CIOKS power supply family, which I today call the standard range.

In 2009 it was time to think about an update of the first 3 products. Baby Mach 2 has already been released for sale and Mach 2 versions of Big John and Double Jack will soon follow.

Today, in year 2010, I'm proud to present the professional range. It consists of three brand new products with a bunch of features and nice design details. DC10, AC10 and TC10 are as of this writing the most advanced and versatile power supplies dedicated for stomp boxes on the globe. They are a result of my 20 years long experience in power supply design for effect pedals. Please have a closer look at the all the features and specifications on our site. Hopefully you'll soon get your hands on our reliable top notch power solution and join the family of satisfied users of CIOKS power supplies.

Best regards,
Poul Ciok


CIOKS - Brogaardsvej 102, 2 - DK-2820 Gentofte - Denmark - Tel.: +45 39 75 11 20 - Fax: +45 39 75 11 40 - Mail: info@cioks.com