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You might blow the fuse of your CIOKS power supply. Normally it only happens if the power supply's mains voltage selector switch is set to 115V and you connect it to 230 or 240V mains. In this case you'll need to replace the fuse. Please look at the bottom of your unit which type is the right one.

Order numbers:
F315 Fuse for DC8, AC8 or Link range PSU, 5x20mm, slow blow T, 315mA
F500 Fuse for DC10, AC10, TC10 or Pussy Power PSU, 5x20mm, slow blow T, 500mA
F630 Fuse for PowerFactor 2 PSU, 5x20mm, slow blow T, 500mA
F1000 Fuse for CIOKOLATE PSU, 5x20mm, slow blow T, 1.000mA


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